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Twin Spiked Ball Flail LARP Battle Legends Gen II View full size

Twin Spiked Ball Flail LARP Battle Legends Gen II

The Middle Ages was an extremely violent era in history featuring battles in both Europe and the Holy Land when the crusades, and the crusaders who fought them, were numerous. Feudal Lords and Knights used such weapons as the Flail in different types of warfare. The quest for power led to invasions of lands and territories which had to be fought for. Siege warfare, waged to win a castle or a walled town or city, was a frequent occurrence during the Middle Ages. Warfare during the Middle Ages, or Medieval era called for a variety of weapon expertise. Knights and men-at-arms ( foot soldiers, or archers ) used different types of weapons. The Flail was predominantly used by Knights and Foot Soldiers. The weapons used were dictated according to status and position. The weapons, armor and horse of the Knight were extremely expensive - the fighting power of just one knight was worth 10 ordinary soldiers.


 Soft Foam construction

Polypipe core with foam overlay on handle
Spiked balls are extra soft and light GEN II foam with rope to handle
Handle length: 49cm
Ball Size: 8cm
Weight: 0.5kg

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£ 39.95

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