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King Elendil Helmet The Lord of the Rings View full size

King Elendil Helmet The Lord of the Rings

This helmet is inspired by the helmet work by King Elendil. The King Elendil Helmet is full size and totally wearable. It is made of steel and brass. It is very high quality and a must for any Lord of the Rings fan. It has an inlet with chin strap for easy and comfortable wearing. This is the best replica on the market.

Elendil is first introduced in The Fellowship of the Ring. He was born in 3119 of the Second Age in Númenor, son of Amandil, Lord of Andúnië and leader of the "Faithful" (those who remained loyal to the Valar), who maintained a strong friendship with the Elves and preserved the old ways against the practices of Ar-Pharazôn and Sauron. Elendil's name means either "Elf-friend" or "Star-lover" in Tolkien's fictional language of Quenya.

Lord Of The Rings King Elendil Helmet weighs 1500 grams, made from steel and brass. The helmet also features a leather head strap. The helmet measures 16.5 inches tall and has a feather shaped point on the front and back of the helmet.

The helmet is painted black with a brass trim, a red leather chin strap to keep your head secure and comfortable and a black decorative trim on each side.


  • Helmet Material: Steel
  • Overall Circumference: 30 Inches / 76cm
  • Diameter: 10 inches / 26cm
  • Height: 20 inches / 51cm
  • Unit Weight: 2 kg

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