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League of Legends Nidalee 'Beastial Huntress' Bewitching Spear View full size

League of Legends Nidalee 'Beastial Huntress' Bewitching Spear

Nidalee, the famed champion known as the Beastial Huntress, utilizes this spear replica from the League game. Of the many skins available for Nid, this spear is mostly based on the Bewitched Nidalee skin, available in the Riot store. The carbon steel spear blade is shaped with a very unique and tribal-like design, with a narrow point and two large and curved portions. The finish on the blade is powder coated black and has a red painted tribal design from the game. Burgundy and yellow tassels adorn the top of the solid wooden shaft. Functionally, tassels were used to absorb blood before it could run down the shaft and cause slippery grip surface. This is a non-functioning replica spear, and ultimately, the tassel is all for show.


  • Overall Length: 51.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 12.5 Inches
  • Blade Thickness: 4mm, Tapered
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Oiled for Preservation
  • Blade Finish: Black with Painted Red Tribal Design 
  • Shaft Materials: Wood, Nylon Cording and Tassel
  • Design: Bewitched Nidalee Skin 

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