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Black Twin Ninja Sword Set 25.5 Inch Overall Deadpool Style HK-1456 View full size

Black Twin Ninja Sword Set 25.5 Inch Overall Deadpool Style HK-1456

 If one sword is good, then two swords have got to be better, right? You tell us. This Black Twin Ninja Sword Set puts two ninja swords into your hands, allowing you to experience the power and the dizzying grace of wielding two blades at the same time. This set contains two identical ninja swords, both of which feature a stainless steel blade with a black steel finish and a straight-edged design that mimics the form of the classic Japanese chokuto. Each sword also features an unadorned silver guard and pommel, as well as a black-wrapped handle to provide a secure and comfortable grip. Included with the swords is a pair of shoulder-harness sheathes that are designed to secure the swords onto your back when they are not in use. The understated design of these swords makes them a perfect addition to the traditional ninjas attire, and the two-for-one price makes this Black Twin Ninja Sword set a bargain!


  • Sword Blade is Crafted from Stainless Steel
  • 25.5 Inches Overall 
  • Features a Blackened Steel Finish
  • Straight Blade Mimics the Japanese Chokuto Sword
  • Grip is Wrapped in Black Cord for a Simple, Secure Hold
  • Includes a Black Shoulder Harness with Attached Sheathes


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£ 29.95

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