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Lord of the Rings Mini Sting Dagger / Sword The Hobbit View full size

Lord of the Rings Mini Sting Dagger / Sword The Hobbit

This mini 'Little Adventurer' sword is 28cm and has a stainless steel blade. It is the perfect addition to any collection. It is finished to the highest standards with great attention to detail.

An Elvish knife made in Gondolin in the First Age. Sting was named and used as a sword by Bilbo, who found it in a troll-hoard together with the swords Glamdring and Orcrist. Although it was only a dagger by the standard of Men or Elves, it made a handy short sword for a hobbit. Bilbo named the blade after fighting giant spiders in Mirkwood. The spiders themselves referred to it as his "sting." The weapon glows blue in the presence of Orcs; this was a common property of First Age Elven blades, particularly those forged in Gondolin. It was later used by Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Blade Material: 420 Stainless Steel
Overall Length: 11 Inches / 28cm
Blade Length: 8.26 inches / 21cm
Handle: Wood
Unit Weight: 250 g

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£ 14.95

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