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Staff of Sarumon Replica Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit View full size

Staff of Sarumon Replica Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

We are presenting the Lord of the Rings Staff of Saruman that was wielded by the Dark Istari Saruman. The Saruman Staff is the coolest thing one can get for special occasions. In the series, he was also referred as the Saruman the White who carried the lord of the rings Saruman Staff and served as an antagonist. Istaris were beings that were sent to the Middle earth for defeating the Dark lord Sauron. For this purpose, Saruman studied the possessions of Sauron and their abilities. His deep study helped the main party to survive the Dark Lord’s attacks and also used the magical abilities of his lord of the rings Saruman Staff. Soon, he falls for the greed and tried to grab the One Ring betraying his fellows. He made an alliance with the evil Lord and after a moment betrayed him, as well. It was revealed through a chain of events that the main aim of Saruman was to destroy the middle-earth with his Saruman staff and succeeding the Lord. Each of the Istari holds a magical staff that somehow provides power to its wielder. All the Lord of the Rings Staffs are made of tough metal and are non-breakable. However, the staff of Gandolf was broken during a fight. 

The staff of Saruman features a polished black finish. It has a massive 7ft length. This Saruman staff was used as a close range stabbing weapon as well as a magic casting tool. The sphere crystal ball is covered with the four edged blades on the top. This section serves as a pommel with the removable grip below it. One can easily carry the saruman staff with the easily removable shafts. The long lotr staff of Saruman will look absolute in your room. A highly recommended Replica lord of the rings Saruman staff to add in your Movie Swords collection. 


  • Overall Length: 84" 
  • Weight: 1.7 kg 
  • Stainless steel
  • Hard Crystal Ball 
  • Two Piece metal shaft Screws together 
  • Black finished Metal construction

£ 49.95